“The devil is in the details.” Polish proverb

“Diabeł tkwi w szczegółach” (The devil is in the details) says a Polish proverb. I came to find out it is even more vital when doing family genealogy than anywhere else. Details, details, details! Every record, all names and all numbers may be a key to knock down the brick walls… Analyzing and reanalyzing records – don’t even stop doing so! One day something that you thought was no important may be THE wrecking ball you’ve been looking for!

I’ve sat down one day with a goal in mind – to find out next generation in my family and knock down a brick wall. Here’s a presentation of how I, step by step, did so, because… you know… I’m better at presentations than blogging 😉 Enjoy!

2 thoughts on ““The devil is in the details.” Polish proverb

  1. This was wonderful! Not only were the hypotheses you made and tested logical and clear, you found and presented the evidence quite well, so that it flowed and was easy to follow. You went through it quickly, which saved time, but the presentation could be rewound, which was easy, I loved hearing you pronounce the Polish names. When I research families, I tend to say the names in my head, but as a non-Polish speaker, they sometimes get garbled. Google translate often helps me sound them out, but listening to you say Polish names was even better. Good job!

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  2. Really well done, Justyna! I’m so glad you’ve gotten into blogging and sharing your research experience in a way that allows one to delve into greater detail. This is a very nice case study, and a great illustration of the use of cluster research in breaking through one’s genealogical brick walls. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents with all of us. I love your blog so far, and I’m looking forward to whatever tips, research stories, and insights you feel inspired to share.

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