“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

It’s been almost 6 months since my last post. Six months of… changes… Six months of almost loosing a life, gaining a life, gaining weight, gaining new family, loosing touch with family, gaining and loosing friends, loosing faith…

What I went through in last six months, I never wrote about. I might reveal some in my future blog posts, but there’s a slim chance for that. But genealogically speaking – no descendant of mine (if I’ll have any) will know details of it. And it just happened while I was making other plans and having other anxieties about future… Life just happened. I am glad it happened. And it makes me reflect on a life of my ancestors. We can discover all documents we want to but some details of their life will always be unknown to us.

Some details will always be unknown to future generations…

Isn’t it amazing how some details will always be unknown to future generations? Isn’t it sad? Or even heartbreaking? Isn’t it devastating? We can only imagine the struggles of our ancestors, we can put a story together and “imagine” the blanks, but we will never know the details. And most importantly we will never know how they managed to live on.

But what I went through teaches me that I cannot judge any of my ancestors. While I can say “I would have done differently under the circumstances” I cannot know their state of mind and their character to know if they even had other choices in their life. All I can do is uncover the most to put the puzzle together with limited pieces I hold in my hand.

Till the next entry… I plan to be here for it.

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